Indiana helps case with Dominique Booth

Indianapolis Pike and ESPN Watch List receiver Dominique Booth already knew Indiana had the Big Ten’s best passing offense statistically. Watching the Hoosiers offense work this weekend, though, Booth did not know it could be that prolific.

“It showed me how much better they pass the ball,” said Booth, who has an Indiana offer among several others. “I guess it did help them a lot.”

For the 6-foot-1, 195-pound Booth, it was his fourth time visiting Bloomington and his second for a game. Following a 1-11 campaign a year ago, Booth liked that the Hoosiers competed until the end in a 52-49 loss to undefeated Ohio State.

In the finale a season ago, Booth saw the Hoosiers lose to rival Purdue. Against Ohio State, Booth saw a lot of promise in the Hoosiers program.

“They stayed in and kept fighting. Last night showed me they have the potential to get better,” he said. “This was a lot different than last time [against Purdue].”

One of Indiana’s top 2014 targets, Booth talked with Indiana coach Kevin Wilson in his office for close to 30 minutes before the game. He talked with Wilson again after the game as well as receivers coach Kevin Johns. Wilson let Booth know the offense is only getting better and would be improve exponentially if he signed in 2014.

“He told me how young they are, the quarterbacks they have will be there when I’m there and how they think they’ll be good,” Booth said. “And just catching up a little bit. We talk often -- me and Coach Wilson and Coach Johns.”

Booth will visit Michigan on Oct. 20 for the Michigan State game. His high school team will play Ben Davis in the first round of the playoffs Friday.