Irish, Stanford impress Ian Bunting

Ian Bunting (Hinsdale, Ill./Hinsdale Central) lucked out. So did the rest of the recruits at Notre Dame on Saturday.

Bunting was sitting in the recruits section only a few rows up by the side where the Fighting Irish had a goal line stand in overtime to defeat rival Stanford.

“That was awesome,” Bunting said. “The place erupted when they stopped them. Then it went silent [for the replay review] and then when the ref said the ruling on the field would stand, he didn’t even get to finish his sentence when everyone rushed on the field.”

During the game, Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert scored a touchdown, and Bunting, a 2014 tight end, liked how the Irish used Eifert.

“They were using him to pass the ball a lot, and I feel his body type is more what I would be instead of just a blocking tight end,” Bunting said. “He’s a real athletic guy. I can definitely see a fit there.”

The pregame also caught the eye of Bunting. When Bunting arrived around 10:30 a.m., he went to the football complex and was thoroughly impressed with all of the trophies.

The recruits then went on a walk on campus before doing one of Bunting’s favorite parts of the weekend -- the player walk.

“That was definitely awesome. There are a lot of places where they don’t want you to interfere with anything on game day,” Bunting said, “but it was definitely special and it was cool because all the fans are out there and it gives you a taste of where you could be in a few years.”

Notre Dame was not the only winner in Bunting’s eyes, though. Bunting likes Stanford and made it out to a camp in Palo Alto, Calif., this past summer. The Stanford offense relies heavily on tight ends, and Bunting believes he could be a great fit in David Shaw’s offense.

“When I went down there [to Stanford] I got to talk to a lot of their coaches, and they were definitely very into the program and very knowledgeable,” Bunting said.