Tom Osborne relative takes in NU-MSU

Junior defensive tackle Vic Roe would have liked to have been playing this weekend to help Carmel (Ind.) defend its state title. The Greyhounds suffered an early loss in the playoffs, however, so Roe took advantage of the situation and made a visit to Michigan State this past weekend.

“I really like the set up, everything was real close,” said Roe, who was making his first visit to East Lansing.

The atmosphere blew Roe away on his visit as he was surprised at just how passionate the fan base is at Michigan State.

“It was fun to watch the game, got into it with everyone there rooting for them,” he said. “It seemed like nothing else was going on in the world when you were there.”

Before the game, Roe was on the field and talked with assistant coaches Ted Gill and Dave Warner about his junior season at Carmel. Roe said he ended his season on a high note with his two best games coming the last weekend of the season. He hopes to carry that momentum into the offseason and eventually the camp circuit this summer.

That is where Michigan State hopes to see him.

“They said they really like what I have and they want to see me at a camp, and that communication would be the biggest thing and to just keep in touch,” Roe said. “They said if I wanted to come watch practice or come visit to let them know and they’d let me.”

Roe is hearing more from Indiana, too, lately. His former teammate Shawn Heffern is a freshman on the Hoosiers and is already telling him about the program. He received an invite for this weekend’s game but won’t be able to make it as he will travel to Iowa for a visit.

Roe finalized his junior highlight film and sent it out to a few schools, including Nebraska, which he saw beat Michigan State and where he has a pretty big connection. Former Huskers coach and athletic director Tom Osborne, who won three national titles in Lincoln, married into Roe’s family.

“I’ve seen him at reunions,” Roe said. “Me being from Indiana I had no idea how big he was, but I have something autographed by him and my friends say that’s a big deal.

“I got family out in Nebraska so all my family wants me to play for Nebraska, so I’m seeing if there’s any interest.”

“[Indiana] seems cool and I’d like to play for Indiana, got no problem with that,” he said.