Draper talks about first official visit

Cleveland Glenville cornerback Sean Draper took his first official visit last weekend, though it probably resembled a vacation more than a college evaluation. Draper, along with teammate Willie Henry, made the long trip to Hawaii.

The only thing that prevented Draper from having a perfect trip is that Hawaii suffered a loss on Saturday.

“I would grade it a nine since they lost,” Draper said. “Everything else was great.”

The best part, though, was the game, he said.

“I had chills before the game. Like I wanted to play,” Draper said. “It seemed like there were too many people there, like everyone in Hawaii was at the game and tailgating.”

Honolulu, however, is a long ways away from Cleveland – 4,536 miles to be exact. So is Draper willing to go that far away from home to play football?

“I think I could,” he said.

Draper spent most of the weekend with assistant coach Tony Tuioti and his host, Mike Sellers. Since it was a game week, Draper was able to sit in on the defensive backs meetings and see how he would translate to the Warriors’ defense.

“They showed me the style of defense they run and how they want me to fit in with how they play,” Draper said. “They need more cornerbacks who can just lock up, because they have a certain defense where you can choose whether you want to lock up on one play. They said ‘we want players to lock up and that’s why we need you.’”

Draper will either visit Toledo or Indiana this weekend but said he is leaning toward visiting Indiana since he can unofficially visit Toledo. The weekend after that he will decide between visiting Iowa and Louisville.

Draper has offers from Hawaii, Indiana, Louisville and a host of MAC schools and said he expects an offer from Iowa could be coming soon. Draper met with members of the Iowa staff this week, and he was told they want to offer him but need an OK from coach Kirk Ferentz.

“They came in last week and they were on board [with an offer],” Draper said. “A coach came in and stopped by my house like eight minutes ago just to confirm my height. Then he said ‘we’re all for it.’”