RN Top 10: New Level Youngstown

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -- The Next Level 7-on-7 tournament made its way through the Midwest on Saturday, and while there was a noticeable absence of Ohio players because of rules that prohibit Ohioans to play in 7-on-7 competitions before June 1, the event still had close to two dozen teams and several big-time prospects.

With big names coming from several states, several players put themselves on the radar following big days Saturday, but it was the stars, as expected, who stole the spotlight again.

Here is a look at the top 10 performers in the 2014 class from the 7-on-7 Midwest regional:

Note: The RN Top 10 is a RecruitingNation feature that will appear throughout the camp and combine season and rank prospects based strictly on their on-field performance at that particular event. It does not reflect what their overall prospect ranking will be when the 2014 rankings come out this spring.