Kyle Trout in line for Michigan State offer

Kyle Trout had a little trouble finding where he was supposed to go on Saturday, but eventually the Lancaster (Ohio) junior offensive tackle made it to Michigan State and it was worth his trouble.

The game did not go as planned for Michigan State in a loss to Notre Dame, but Trout still enjoyed his visit and especially the scene at Spartans Stadium.

“It was extremely loud and energetic. I like how loud stadiums can get,” Trout said. “I liked how even when the fans weren’t cheering -- which wasn’t very often -- the players were keeping themselves up.”

It was Trout’s first time visiting Michigan State, and he and his father had trouble finding the Duffy Daugherty Building. The delay did not cost them too much time, though, as Trout was still able to hang out on the field and talk with the coaches for a little before kickoff.

Trout’s recruiter, Mike Tressel, as well as offensive line coach Mark Staten both stopped to chat with Trout during pregame warmups.

“They said they’re both very impressed and Coach Staten has every intent of offering me a scholarship but I have to call him Monday or Tuesday and he’ll finalize everything,” Trout said. “… [Staten] said that he loved everything about me. Talking to him he seemed like a really great guy.”

Cincinnati, Illinois, Ohio and Toledo have already offered the 6-foot-5, 254-pound lineman. Just about the entire Big Ten is interested in him. Notre Dame is another team showing early interest, sending letters to Trout and making a phone call to him.

The performance by the Irish made a mark on Trout. Despite coming into a hostile environment, the Irish executed better and always kept their spirits up on the sideline, Trout said, and he came away impressed with the Irish program.

“It’s a rivalry game and they really showed up. They made some big plays and, even though they didn’t have nearly as many fans cheering for them, they just had so much energy and enthusiasm,” Trout said.

“I was pretty impressed with Notre Dame but also pretty impressed with Michigan State.”

Trout could visit Illinois next weekend but is unsure of any plans after that.

A visit to Ohio State could be in the works as Trout exchanged Facebook messages with Buckeyes offensive line coach Ed Warriner.

“He saw my film from Week 3 and he was impressed and wants me to call every week, which I was supposed to be doing anyway.

“Ohio State is close to offering and also think Wisconsin and Indiana are close to offering, too.”