Irish offense impresses Daniel Helm most

Relatively unknown during the summer camp circuit, 2014 tight end Daniel Helm (Chatham, Ill./Glenwood) is starting to make a name for himself.

Already with an Illinois offer in hand, Helm made it to Michigan State on Saturday for the Notre Dame game.

“It was fun. I liked the game and all,” Helm said. “The facilities were very nice and the atmosphere was pretty cool [Saturday] night.”

One of the first few visits for Helm, he was hoping to talk to the coaches, but the large number of recruits at the game did not allow for that to happen.

“I haven’t been to a whole lot of games but it’s not quite so 1 on 1 as unofficial visits,” he said. “It was a good time but I didn’t get to meet any of the coaches.”

One of the biggest factors in Helm’s recruitment is how an offense uses the tight end, and he liked what both teams did offensively to involve the tight end. However, he did give the edge to the visiting team.

“Both sides I was looking at but when it came to the offense I thought Notre Dame maybe had a slight edge,” Helm said.

And for Helm, it was bittersweet watching the Notre Dame offense orchestrate.

“It’s funny because their offense is very similar to the offense our rival high school team plays,” he said. “It’s good to see how much they featured the tight end. I enjoyed seeing that. I’d like to watch them a little more and see what happens.”

Helm wants to visit Illinois, Notre Dame and Wisconsin for visits. Arkansas has asked him to come down for a game, but he does not believe he can get to a game that far away this season.