Ifeadi Odenigbo talks OSU, visits

With his former Centerville, Ohio, defensive line mate playing for Ohio State, many believed ESPNU 150 defensive end Ifeadi Odenigbo would likely end up playing for the in-state Buckeyes, too.

The Buckeyes’ 3-3 start -- which could easily become 3-5 after playing undefeateds Illinois and Wisconsin the next two games -- has given Odenigbo mixed feelings about Ohio State, even with former Elks teammate Michael Bennett getting playing time as a freshman.

“It sort of does, and it sort of doesn’t,” Odenigbo said when asked if the Buckeyes’ start has affected their standing in his top five. “They don’t have their top players back, and it’s kind of hard to be at the top when you have a coaching change that’s unexpected.

“So we’ll see how it goes.”

In the meantime, Odenigbo will visit Notre Dame for its primetime showdown with USC on Oct. 22. It will be his first official visit and his first-ever college football game.

“I’m pretty excited, I have a lot of expectations,” he said.

“People tell me, ‘Ifeadi you’re getting recruited by all these schools, it’s ridiculous that you’ve never been to a game.’ ”

Unfortunately for Odenigbo, it appears his senior season will come to a premature end. After reaching the state championship last year, Centerville is on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoffs this year. The Elks aren’t mathematically eliminated, but they would need a lot to fall in their favor to make it to November.

If the Elks do fail to make the playoffs, Odenigbo will visit Stanford for its game against Oregon on Nov. 12. Ohio State, Notre Dame and Stanford are joined by California and Northwestern in Odenigbo’s top five.