Ohio State 2013: Needs versus wants

It’s the dead period in college football recruiting, which means coaches can still call players once a week, but they can not make on- or off-campus contact with non mid-year enrollees.

With that said, the Buckeyes can probably take four or five more players in the Class of 2013 depending on medical hardships, players transferring or leaving early for the NFL draft.

Here’s a position by position look at what the Buckeyes want vs. what they need.

As always, the offense is a bit sexier for fans, so we’ll start there.

Quarterback: Ohio State has J.T. Barrett at the position and even though he tore his ACL and meniscus, the Buckeyes are sticking by him. This position is neither a need nor want in terms of picking up another player.

Running back/slot receiver: Ohio State told Ezekiel Elliott it was only taking one running back in the class. That might change should Carlos Hyde or Jordan Hall decide to leave for the NFL. If one of them does, look for a Cornelius Elder-type athlete to fill the role, as Elliott can play either position well.

Wide receiver: Everyone knows the names by now -- James Quick, Ryan Timmons and Shelton Gibson. This is a definite want and a definite need at the same time. Expect one or two to be nabbed here. The Buckeyes already have Taivon Jacobs in the fold. Gareon Conley might fit here as well.

Offensive line: Well here’s a spot that’s become quite interesting. The Buckeyes went after David Dawson and Kenny Lacy hard. Dawson chose Michigan again. Lacy is staying with UCLA. If a Cameron Hunt comes their way, they will take the flip. If not, don’t be surprised if one of the six defensive linemen they have in the class doesn’t switch over to the other side of the ball.

Defensive line: See the position directly above. It ain’t happening. Six is enough for Ohio State. It doesn’t need, nor does it want, another big body in the trenches for this class.

Linebacker: Zero. That’s how many linebackers the class of 2013 has. It’s a big need and a big want and could be filled by three names or more. Those names are Tommy Sanders, Mike Mitchell and Trey Johnson and yes, the Buckeyes could make room for all three.

Cornerback: With three of the top nine cornerbacks in the nation in Conley, Cam Burrows and Eli Woodard, this is one position Ohio State is finished with. Don’t expect another name from the class of 2013 to find its way onto the list. It’s solid. In fact, it’s better than that. It’s spectacular.

Safety: With Darron Lee and ESPN 300 senior Jayme Thompson here, this position looks to be done, right? Wrong. The Buckeyes certainly aren’t going to say no to Vonn Bell if the ESPN 150 prospect wants to come to Ohio State.