Spearman to 'wing' decision Tuesday

College coaches don’t know where Chicago Simeon linebacker Reggie Spearman is going. He won’t tell them his decision until he announces it publicly.

But Spearman contends he does not know either.

“No,” he said, “I’m just going to wing it.”

Never one to try to downplay the moment, the three-star outside linebacker could just be playing up the drama for the announcement, which will take place around 6 p.m. ET Tuesday at Simeon. What he does know, however, is his decision will be either Illinois, Iowa or Syracuse.

Committed to Illinois in early August, Spearman has flirted with and visited several programs since, and it is reasonable to consider Spearman uncommitted at this point.

That does not mean he still is not considering Illinois. He has someone in his hear about the Illini every day.

“Illinois fans are everywhere I go so I hear it every second of the day. You wouldn’t understand how much I hear about Illinois,” Spearman said. “It gets annoying, but I like it.

“And when I go to Illinois I always have a good time, and it’s like my home away from home.”

Iowa hosted Spearman for an official visit in November and again for an unofficial visit the weekend of Jan. 25.

“I got nothing much to say about Iowa other than it’s just that place. Iowa City is a great place,” he said. “Iowa City is a big football town. They produce talent, and my goal is to go to the NFL so that’s big.”

The Orange are the latest to jump in the mix and hosted him for an official visit this past weekend. He said he enjoyed his visit and got along well with both the football and basketball players he met. He was even taking playful jabs at the Syracuse basketball players following the loss to Pittsburgh on Saturday.

In the short time Spearman has been courted by the Orange, he has already built a strong relationship with coach Scott Shafer and defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough.

“I like the defensive scheme the defensive coordinator runs there,” Spearman said. “I feel like if I go there I can succeed. They let their players go play. Shafer is a great head coach, and I know his program is a good fit for me.”