Kimi Raikkonen has 'full confidence' in Ferrari management

Can Ferrari salvage anything from this season? (2:36)

After a disappointing first-half to the season for Ferrari, is there hope for its improvement after the break? (2:36)

SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS, Belgium -- Kimi Raikkonen says he has "full confidence" in Ferrari's management and its ability to return the team back to the front of the grid in future.

Before the summer break Ferrari parted ways with technical chief James Allison, which has been followed by hints of a McLaren-style restructure in future. The team is yet to win a race in 2016 and there are questions about what Allison's departure may have on Ferrari's development for next year's car, but Raikkonen insists he is not concerned.

"Obviously changes in the middle of the year sometimes work, sometimes they don't, but I think looking at the big picture we'll be fine," Raikkonen said. "We have a lot of good people that know what they're doing but it takes time to find the right position for everybody.

"The people that in charge now have been with the team a long, long time and they know exactly how it works. I have full confidence in what they're doing and if we're not there right now, it's not because we don't have good people. We have to work harder and we'll be fine -- but it takes time."

Raikkonen does not think Ferrari's mindset has changed despite the recent upheaval.

Asked what would make him happy before the end of 2016, he said: "Obviously I'd be happy if we start winning as soon as we can. We want to maximise our own stuff and if that's enough, great. We try to improve things all the time, the areas we know we're not strong enough. It's the same story than in the earlier races.

"The break doesn't change the whole thing -- we know where we have to improve but it's not going to happen overnight. The other teams don't stop improving either, but what would make me happy was to win."