Sleepers in the updated ESPN 300

Evaluating high school football prospects is not always an exact science. As a result, each year we uncover prospects on the recruiting trail who we feel are sliding under the radar.

In this latest ESPN 300 update we have highlighted a few sleepers who may be lacking sought-after attributes that often characterize top-tier prospects. Whether it stems from a lack of ideal size and speed, unimpressive combine numbers, unclear positional projection, injuries, presumed inferior level of competition or just simply overlooked, the following eight prospects are ones we feel will blossom at the next level.

TE-H Garrett Williams -- This is a prospect who lacks difference-making speed and plays in a run-based veer offense; two characteristics that make it hard to create exposure as pass-catching tight end prospect. However, Williams is an excellent athlete capable of being a productive receiving target and physical blocker. In his more natural fit he can be a versatile contributor to Clemson's offense and could make people take notice of his ability.