#AskLoogs: Neutral-site impact

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Anytime you can play neutral-site games and broaden your recruiting base, it’s a positive, even if the opponent is one you likely wouldn’t want to face early in the season. Alabama spends a lot of time in Georgia, but Virginia Tech could help themselves by having a bigger presence in the state. LSU spends a ton of time recruiting in Texas, particularly East Texas, but with Dallas being so highly populated, it can open more doors to another region. And that can help supplement a programs in-state efforts, and a program like LSU isn’t a hard sell even for Dallas-area kids.

The Mississippi State-Oklahoma State matchup I believe helps the Cowboys likely more than Mississippi State. For the Bulldogs, it’s all about allocating your recruiting resources to the most receptive regions, which may not necessarily be Texas, but rather Florida, Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia. An appearance in Texas early against a quality opponent can’t hurt, but I’m not sure how much it will pay off -- short term or long term -- for the Bulldogs. For Oklahoma State, it must have a huge presence in Texas because the Cowboys can’t build their roster on in-state kids alone. If they can beat an SEC team in a critical recruiting pool for them, it can only enhance the Cowboys image in the eyes of prospects.