#AskLoogs: Winston's recruiting impact

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In my opinion, it’s not so much what Jameis Winston can do personally to help pull recruits into the FSU program, it’s what he could mean to the program over the next three years to enhance the program with increased wins, increased positive exposure and elevating the “cool” factor of the program much like RGIII did for Baylor. Let’s also keep this all in fair perspective. He is very talented, always has been, but he will have some bumps in the road, there will be hiccups, but he obviously has captured the college football world’s attention. Florida State has clout, but what brings recruits in more than anything else? Winning the conference, playing in BCS bowls and competing for national titles. That is why Winston is important. If he can be their new Charlie Ward, look out. The better Winston does, the more they are on Gameday, SportsCenter, CFB Live, CFB Daily…you get the picture. Those are all recruiting positives that will be directly tied to him.