#AskLoogs: Where did Texas go wrong?

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Most notably at quarterback. Consider the remarkable run Texas had been on, hitting successfully on four QBs in a row -- Major Applewhite, Chris Simms, Vince Young and Colt McCoy. This run spanned more than 10 years. That just goes to show how vital the QB is to any equation. It has been more than just the QB, though. There's been staff turnover on both sides of the ball, too many early verbal commitments, a perception that Texas is not a tough football team and a complacency that set in, which Mack Brown acknowledged two years ago.

Texas has gone wrong at times by taking the easy path in evaluating and recruiting with players who have attended camp at an early age and then commit early and don’t develop because they know they have a scholarship. This has led to a lack of competitiveness, toughness and willingness to work for some guys. We would be willing to bet that if Texas could go back and track and monitor how kids performed as juniors and seniors after committing as sophomores, they may have taken a different path and/or scrutinized early commits significantly more when it comes to production.

There are a lot of finished products that come out of Texas from the high school ranks, which is risky because prospects can be the same guy at 22 that they are at 18. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly one cause for how Texas has gotten to this point, but right now with Texas A&M and the SEC and the rise of Baylor, recruiting has become significantly more difficult for the Longhorns.