#AskLoogs: Ineligibilty and recruiting?

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So much of that question depends solely on just how talented he is. Stats are only a minimal part of the equation. Measurables, speed, explosiveness, power, strength, balance, vision, maturity and academic progress will be what matters most, especially if he is a player who could come in mid-year.

This was a similar case with current FSU defensive end Chris Casher who sat out his senior season because of a transfer and academics, but he played a premium position and showed dominance as a sophomore and junior. He has a chance to be a potential difference-maker in time.

The issue with running backs in this scenario is that there are a ton of them available every year. Coaches could be more prone to potentially go another direction or place the player in a prep school to be recruited in another year. This is not always the case for defensive end, offensive tackles, cornerbacks and quarterbacks, as coaches are going to be more prone to overlook a senior year not being completed.

This scenario almost played out with 2014 QB-PP David Cornwell, but he was able to play despite an age issue because he appealed and won. He’s a quarterback, so it carries more weight.

The bottom line is that difference-makers are not going to be bypassed. The less visible or quality of talent, the more this would have an effect.