Best available dual-threat QB tweeners

The spread offense is everywhere, which means there is a huge demand for athletic QBs across all 124 FBS level teams, not just those from the six BCS automatic qualifying conferences. These types of players are often behind the curve in terms of passing efficiency and polish, or undersized and possibly projected by bigger programs to move to another position. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for them to remain at quarterback. Players such as Wyoming’s Brett Smith, Utah State’s Chuckie Keeton, and Northern Illinois' Jordan Lynch have become premier playmakers for their programs, but fell under the radar throughout the recruiting process.

Here are some prospect who could fit that bill:

Alin Edouard: We realize that Edouard has BCS level offers and was once committed to Miami, but that does not mean he will end up at a BCS school. He is a very exciting prospect who shows real flashes of production both as a runner and passer. He also has a high ceiling for physical development and should become a stronger, more powerful passer over time. He is very similar to Devante Kincade from the 2013 class only Edouard is taller. Don’t be surprised if Edouard blossoms over time and becomes a dynamic player in the right scheme.

JaJuan Lawson: Lawson is on the shorter side of the ideal measurable standard, but effective nonetheless. His release point is low, which is a bit concerning, so this coupled with his height may have limited some of his attention. However, he is exciting. Has a Keith Price feel to him and is a good improviser when things break down. He is a shotgun passer to aid in field vision and a player who will excel if in a scheme that changes the launch point.

Devin Adams: Adams is a bit of an enigma due to his terrific size and fact he could make the move to another position as a result. He is extremely raw but very talented physically as a passer, so much of his development will depend on how steep the learning curve is and how technically sound he can become to enhance his accuracy. Adams definitely needs to be in a spread scheme that will allow for him to be a big part of the run game. If willing to invest, there are a lot of tools here to mold.

Tyrell Maxwell: Maxwell is raw and needs technical work. Also needs experience in an offense that requires him to grow as a progression reader. Right now he is a first read and then take off type of player. He needs to develop patience as a passer to maximize his arm talent. He shows flashes of exciting production but not consistently because he is just asked to do what comes natural and that is to make plays.

Darius Lee-Campbell: Lee-Campbell has seen a lot of non-BCS conference attention thus far likely as both an athlete and quarterback, but he needs to be in the spread to maximize his chances to remain at QB. He’s very gifted in the zone read and while he can be erratic from the pocket as a passer, he is very good on the move and when things break down he likes to get on the perimeter as a run/pass threat.