#AskLoogs: A straight line to USC success?

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From @JWasJamaal on Twitter: Should USC go after only O-line and D-line with their 15 scholarships?

While it is critical to build your team from the inside out, beginning with the trenches, the process for the new coach will be much more strategic than what you have suggested. They will have to really examine their roster and find the biggest holes -- due to talent or depth or both -- and address those first, regardless of position. They must dissect each class and the numbers within those classes to determine where to address first, then second and so on.

Keep in mind, with USC’s roster being so fragile, they might have to account for some attrition, which is generally the norm when you have a coaching change, whether it be due to players not being happy or not buying in or, in some instances, being run off because they don’t fit. USC might not have the luxury of the latter, as they need bodies first and foremost.

The most important thing the new staff must do once hired is re-establish USC as the premier power on the West Coast in the eyes of prospective prospects, and I do not think this will be difficult. The difficulty is going to be fielding a winning product while trying to revamp the roster.

USC is USC, and I believe if they hire the right guy, one who places a tremendous premium on player evaluation, they will be just fine.