Recruits weigh in on early signing period

ORLANDO, Fla. -- One of the hot football recruiting topics in recent years has centered around the discussion of the need for an early signing period. When that signing period would take place, and the changes in the recruiting process for prospects and coaches, has been discussed on end.

On Monday, many of the players at the 2014 Under Armour All-America Game chimed in on whether they'd like to see an early signing period.

No. 2-ranked prospect and Michigan commit Jabrill Peppers (Paramus, N.J./Paramus Catholic): Nah, I think it’s good how it is now. I think it’s much different. I think the stress of the recruiting process -- shortening it would make a lot of guys unhappy. You don’t fully know until you know. Some guys know right away, but most don't for a while. I like it the way it is.

No. 21-ranked prospect and Alabama commit Bo Scarbrough (Tuscaloosa, Ala./IMG Academy): Yes sir, I do think there should be an early signing period. Because some guys commit and know and should be able to sign. Maybe around November, because some guys are ready to be done and have their focus on something else.

Ole Miss commit and No. 110-ranked prospect Garrald McDowell (Covington, La./Covington): I don’t think so because there is a lot going on, so much to think about for us and a lot to talk about with our parents.

Ohio State commit and No. 67-ranked prospect Jamarco Jones (Chicago/De La Salle): Yeah, I think so ... there should be an early signing period. A lot of players are committing early. Sometimes you see it doesn’t end up working out with numbers and stuff, so they can’t go to a certain school and all the spots are taken up at other schools. Sometimes guys get caught where their top schools don’t have any spots left. That would be nice for that scenario.

Notre Dame commit and four-star offensive guard Sam Mustipher (Olney, Md./Our Lady of Good Counsel): Yeah, I think there should be [an early signing period], but I highly doubt a lot of guys would do that. It takes a lot of time to make your decision, which will impact the next four to five years of your life.

No. 26-ranked recruit and No. 3 offensive tackle Damian Prince (Forestville, Md./Bishop McNamara): Yes, there should be [an early signing period]. Not for me in particular, but for the people that go see a school early or enroll early. ... They shouldn’t have to wait as long as someone like myself who needs a lot more time to make a decision. If guys are going to a school in January, they should have the option to get that burden off their back and sign early. If a guy already has his mind 100 percent made up, then he shouldn’t have to wait to sign a letter of intent with his school.

LSU commit and No. 58-ranked recruit Brandon Harris (Bossier City, La./Parkway): I mean, yeah, I think so. If guys know what they want to do, there should be an early signing period to do it. I think it should be in the summer, right before football season starts so they can get the pressure off their chest and enjoy their senior season. I committed early summer and was ready to sign right then and there. I do think it should be more of an aid agreement and maybe not a letter of intent. The reason is, you look at Texas, if guys signed early in the summertime then it becomes an unfortunate situation because players sign places they have good relationships with coaches. You get a new coach come in with a new system -- then it can become a bad situation. That’s especially true for a guy like me as a quarterback if I’m a dual-threat QB and a new coach has a system that doesn’t fit me at all.

No. 23-ranked recruit Jamal Adams (Lewisville, Texas/Hebron): I mean really, it doesn’t matter to me. My first thought would be to keep it the same. Honestly, I would have signed early ... I wasn’t nearly ready to make a decision if I had that option.

No. 97-ranked prospect and Georgia commit Jeb Blazevich (Charlotte, N.C./Charlotte Christian): I would say no, just in case a coach gets fired. That’s the only reason, though.

Texas commit and No. 197–ranked recruit Jermaine Roberts (New Orleans/Saint Augustine): No, I don’t think there should be an early signing period. With coaching changes, like Texas [with] myself, I just don’t think there should be. And then you have a lot of guys who would feel forced into signing early, and have regrets.