#AskLoogs: Arkansas' outlook

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From Barclay Grady ‏@TheHogWildTruth on Twitter: @TomLuginbill Arkansas 7-17 last 2 years. Bielema had a top 30 class last year and looks to have a top 50 this year. Right track? Right guy? Go!

There is no magic wand here for this program. The challenges for Bret Bielema are the same as they have been for every coach before him. Houston Nutt and Bobby Petrino had a lot of success but struggled to beat the big three or four in the SEC on a consistent basis because in the trenches on the defensive side they did not have the same caliber of player as the better teams in the conference. It has been proven that this program can consistently be a nine-win team with your occasional 10- and 11-win seasons when the stars align.

Arkansas will be improving at quarterback and we know they will be able to run the ball. Will they be able to lure explosive playmakers like Joe Adams or Jarius Wright, among others, given their style on offense? Time will tell. More importantly, no one has been able to bring in a Dominique Easley or Carl Lawson or Jadeveon Clowney to this program. Couple that with the fact that you need to go into your competitors' back yards to pull better players your way, and this is challenging. It is not much different than Tennessee, only Tennessee is viewed differently in terms of stature -- right or wrong. Bielema will win; the question is, what’s acceptable? Eight wins a year? More? Again, time will tell.