What lies in recruiting's future?

Drones, like those that shot video at The Opening, could be a college coach's next scouting tool. Tom Hauck for Student Sports

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- A drone equipped with a tiny GoPro camera buzzed the playing fields last week outside the Tiger Woods Center at Nike's world headquarters as 17-year-old football players on the flawless turf below showcased their skills on ESPNU and mingled with multimillionaire NFL stars.

Ten years ago, Adrian Peterson and Calvin Johnson wowed the recruiting world with near unfathomable power and precision. Their size and talents translate favorably, of course, to today's game, but much around the recruits in that Class of 2004 bears little resemblance to what was on display last week at The Opening.

Events like that aren't just a camp, combine or a competition. They are none of the above and all of it at the same time.

It's more a carnival -- the World's Fair or Comic-Con of recruiting. So at what better place to ponder the future?

What will the landscape of recruiting look like 10 years from now? It's intriguing and a bit scary.

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