Christian Morris likes the cold shoulder

MEMPHIS -- Head North young man.

While it might not be the common phrase well-read recruiting fans are used to, it is what Christian Morris is thinking. Why? A trip to Chicago in the middle of the winter sold him on it.

“I liked it,” the 6-foot-5, 280-pound offensive tackle from Memphis East said. “I just like playing in that type of weather. I feel relaxed in that type of weather.”

As for the heat, such as preseason practice in Memphis, Morris said, “Very hot. Humid too. I'm scared of catching heat stroke.”

That brings a certain resurgent, northern team strongly into play for his services. Ohio State hasn't offered Morris a scholarship yet, but they're well aware of his play.

“I like them a lot,” Morris said. “First of all, their coaches stay on me a lot about staying in the weight room and they want to make me a great player and get me to the next level.”

Morris already has options, with scholarship offers from Clemson, Memphis, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Purdue and Ole Miss. But then there's that weather thing again and the draw to Ohio State, where he will visit on June 10 and could well receive a scholarship offer from the Buckeyes when they see him in person.

“I like their facilities there and I like that it's up north,” Morris said. “I always wanted to go to a northern school. For some reason, I don't know, I just always liked it up north. I like the weather up there.”

That would seemingly include Purdue in the equation, if the local meteorologists have anything to say about it. Yet Morris said weather won't be the determining factor. He'll find the best fit even if it's due south.

Nearby Memphis is doing all they can to keep Morris close to home but that seems like a long shot despite the Tigers' best efforts.

“They show a lot of love towards a guy like me,” Morris said. “They say I'm a great talent and they look forward to making me a huge star over there.”

Another in-state school, Tennessee, is still trying to properly introduce itself to Morris.

“I don't know too much about them but I'm supposed to be taking my visit there,” Morris said. “All I know is they have good facilities and a lot of good coaches over there.”

Morris is also scheduled to visit Mississippi State on March 31 and Alabama for its spring game next month.

Perhaps those coaches should hope for a cold front.