Scouts: Aaron Baltazar a great fit in Boise

Boise State might have a steal in Aaron Baltazar (Chula Vista, Calif./Eastlake), a prospect we believe has BCS talent when healthy. He has added size since last season and, while not yet back to his game-changer form, should be by the time he puts on a Broncos uniform.

Boise State, known for developing system-fitting players, is a getting a back with very good feet, quickness and outside speed to get the corner. He has the change-of-direction and elusiveness in space that Chris Peterson will take advantage of. Baltazar’s ability to shift, motion and line up in different sets and be effective will also add a lot of value in this offense. We expect him to get touches in a variety of ways that may be better suited for his skill-set than Washington.

The Broncos' creatively will add less wear and tear on his frame, which has been susceptible to injury in the past. He has not shown great tackle-breaking strength. We would like to see him improve his pass receiving and blocking skills, which will be needed in this offense to fully produce. But there is a lot to like as a future Bronco. We also would not be surprised if this dynamic prospect with great feet gets a look at corner.