Shaker Heights becoming D-I hot spot

Early on, Donovan Munger heated up the recruiting process in Shaker Heights, Ohio and teammate Joe Henderson stoked the fires once again.

When Nolan Jackson-Daniel and Odell Spencer threw their names in the hat, suddenly the Red Raiders became a team to look at in terms of playing at the next level.

“It’s very nice to see,” Shaker Heights coach Jarvis Gibson said. “In the spring of this year, schools were starting to come in.

“Our JV was very good last year. They were very talented, but were sitting behind seniors. For those guys like a Joe Henderson and a Donovan Munger, once those coaches come in and take a look at the film the other guys are going to stand out. The other guys are just as talented.”

Those other guys have exploded, as now 10 players from Shaker Heights are getting Division I looks.

And it’s not just the mid-level programs showing interest as just about every team in the Big Ten as well as schools like Georgia, Alabama, Florida, LSU and Miami are finding their way to Shaker Heights.

With athletes like Greg Claytor, Ramses Owens, Ja’Merez Bowen, Jimmie Pope, Derrick Burgess and Melran Leach showing their speed, it’s become quite evident that Gibson is producing players.

“We told them if they do their part in the weight room and in the classroom, we’ll get the coaches here,” Gibson said. “They love it. They’re kids. If you’re a kid, there’s no way you don’t love it.”