Big visit coming for Greg Gilmore

Greg Gilmore's visit to LSU should go a long way towards determining the direction of his recruitment.

"Just hang with the team and feel that game atmosphere," Gilmore stated via text message to ESPN when asked what he was looking for in his official visit to LSU this weekend for the Alabama game.

Gilmore, who has already taken official visits to Florida and Oklahoma, said LSU was his leader this summer. Gilmore even said at one point he was close to announcing a decision. The Tigers were in prime position. Then, those aforementioned visits started to cloud the issue.

If Gilmore bonds with LSU players and enjoys the game day atmosphere, as he did at Florida, the Tigers could easily jump back into the lead. If Gilmore's visit is a little more ho-hum, this will likely be a long-term battle between LSU and the Gators.

Oklahoma is also in the running even though it seems Gilmore will likely stay in the South. He has said he's fond of the SEC. Clemson will likely try to make a strong push. Alabama could ramp up its slightly slow recruitment of Gilmore.

All those schools are in the running but now trailing the Gators and Tigers. This weekend should determine a lot.