Amid Wazzu distractions, Ayers still solid

Washington State has been in the news for situations outside of wins on the football field, and Wazzu commitment DeMarcus Ayers (Lancaster, Texas/Lancaster) has been keeping an eye on everything.

Ayers has read about Washington State coach Mike Leach reportedly banning Twitter to his current players. Ayers not only is a three-star athlete who can play multiple positions effectively, but also a player with more than 9,500 tweets on his personal Twitter account.

Ayers additionally has read about receiver Marquess Wilson, who recently quit the team and accused the Washington State coaching staff of physical and verbal abuse. If anything, the news has been a small distraction for Ayers, who is getting ready for the Texas Class 4A playoffs this week.

“It’s kind of hard when people keep asking if you still want to go there,” Ayers said. “At the same time, I think there are still more positives than negatives there. You just have to let those negatives go out the window.”

Ayers said that he’s still firm on his commitment to Washington State despite all the news. Ayers has been someone who said from the start that he’s committed to the Cougars but will keep all of his options open. Tennessee, West Virginia and Arizona State are still potential spots for him. SMU, Houston and North Texas also are in the mix. All seven schools, including Washington State, have extended scholarship offers.

Ayers said of all he’s read, the Twitter ban was the toughest to swallow. He is a big fan of social media, but he said he’s willing to leave Twitter for the good of the team.

“I’m a Twitter fan. I love meeting the people who show us a lot of love,” Ayers said. “But if I’m there, that’s my coach, and I’m going to do what’s best. I’ve got a big scholarship on the line over a tweet. If you think about it, tweets can’t buy you an education.”