Jayme Thompson TweetChat

The query went out on BuckeyeNation’s official Twitter account @ESPNBuckeyes.

If you could ask ESPN 300 safety Jayme Thompson (Toledo, Ohio/Central Catholic) -- an Ohio State commitment – anything at all, what would you say?

The responses came back with a variety of questions for the soon-to-be Buckeyes defensive back.

From how he felt about Ohio State to workout options to what skill sets he has that he thinks stand above all others.

BuckeyeNation caught up with the 6-foot-2, 183-pound Thompson who is ranked 218th in the nation and here’s what he had to say:

@jbook37: What expectations have Ohio State and Urban Meyer expressed to you coming in as a freshman?

Thompson: He just told me to come in and work hard and that I could see the field my freshman year. I look forward to learning from C.J. [Barnett], Christian [Bryant] and especially coach [Everett] Withers.

@DrewOSU42: What skills do you possess that are unique to you and make you a top prospect?

Thompson: Well, I think I have above average speed for a safety and I have coachability. I just started playing football when I got to high school. I still have a lot to learn but I’m more than willing to put the work in.

@Yanksfan20121: What do you like most about Ohio State?

Thompson: The proximity to home and the fact that my dad and other family members will be able to come see me play. I also love the tradition.

stevejeffers@comcast.net: Have you picked a major course of study and what do you want to do once you graduate?

Thompson: Social work. My goal is to be chief of police or be one of the top sports analysts in the country.

@jbook37: How are you preparing yourself for when you get to Ohio State? Are you following a specific workout regimen?

Thompson: I train Brazilian jiu jitsu with my dad who is a black belt and runs a top academy in Toledo, Ohio. I’ve trained since I was a kid. My dad also has me train my balance by making me stand on top of the whole exercise ball and catch footballs for sets of 10. Trust me, it’s tough but it’s great for your core, the video is coming soon. LOL.