Five mistakes recruits make

College football recruits have very little time make an impression on a college coach -- and coaches have even less time to evaluate players. Coaches and athletes approach the recruiting process from two vastly different points of view, which can often lead to costly misconceptions.

Over the years, I’ve talked with college coaching staffs about what they want to see, and what they wish recruits knew about the process. (This list does not include academic issues or eligibility requirements.) Here are the five biggest mistakes recruits make:

Skipping a college camp because they haven't been offered. Getting prospects on campus and attending camp is as important to player evaluation as any part of the process. It’s a common theme from college coaches: “Get him to camp,” or “Does he want to come to camp?” or “We had him in camp and loved, liked or disliked him.”

Now, from a prospect’s perspective the natural reaction when coaches ask him to come to camp is, “Why would I come to your camp? You haven’t offered me yet.”