Cyler Miles still solid with the Dawgs?

Quarterback Cyler Miles (Denver, Colo./Mullen) took a surprise official visit over the weekend to USC. Is the longtime Washington commit still solid with the Dawgs?

“It all came together pretty quickly,” Miles said. “USC has been recruiting me for a while now, but I always politely said I wasn’t interested because I was rock solid with Washington. When Coach Nuss [Doug Nussmeier] left for the Alabama job, I started to have second thoughts.

“Coach Nuss was my guy. He has been recruiting me for over a year and was a big reason why I chose Washington. I had a great relationship and was very comfortable with him. He’s a great coach but a great guy too and someone I really trusted. I knew I wasn’t going to Alabama with him, so I called up USC a few weeks ago and set up the visit and had a really good time.”

Miles said a lot of things stood out about his time in Los Angeles.

“I mean, it’s USC,” Miles said. “That’s a big time program in every way you can think of. I loved the campus and the city itself and the players and coaches were all very cool with me. I would say the highlight for me was walking in to the weight room and seeing the guys train. I’ve never seen anything like that before. The intensity the guys train with is ridiculous and it’s easy to see why they’re as good as they are.

“Dion Bailey was my host but I hung out with a lot of the players on the team. I was with Matt Barkley a lot, and he’s a real cool guy and I enjoyed hanging with the other recruits out there too like Zach Banner and Aziz Shittu. I could definitely see myself being comfortable at USC. Saying that, I’m still solid with Washington and that’s where I intent to play.”

Miles will still entertain both schools on home visits over the weekend.

“Both schools will be over on Saturday,” Miles said. “Coach [Lane] Kiffin will be here for USC and coach [Eric] Kiesau will be in from Cal. I’m going to have an open mind for sure and definitely give Coach Kiffin a chance to sell USC. He’s coming out from Southern California, and I don’t want to waste his time so I’m open to him for sure.

“I’ve talked to Coach Kiesau over the phone but it will be good to meet him in person. I know he’ll be the offensive coordinator, so I want to see what kind of relationship we’ll have and how comfortable I’ll be with him. It’s going to take a lot to get me away from Washington, they’re in a good spot right now and like I said, I’m very excited with the program and where it’s headed.”