#AskLoogs: Impact for LSU?

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From Twitter: What will be the impact to the loser of the LSU-Alabama game, recruiting-wise? Will the winner scoop the best kids?

I think that view oversimplifies the official visit. While in a perfect world all coaches would love for the official visit to close the deal or secure a verbal commitment, rarely does that happen on a consistent basis. Most prospects do not allow for one game, the outcome of a game or one of their five official visits to be the deciding factor. It’s a piece of the puzzle, and while the impact of the official visit on a big-game weekend for both programs can have a lasting effect, there is always a decompression period where the prospect sits back and lets things settle down away from the hype of the weekend.

With this particular game, you essentially have two of the country’s premier programs that often times go head-to-head on the same high-profile prospects on a year-round basis, so the official visit is another component to that battle.

Win or lose, both programs have a chance to win in recruiting here. If Bama wins, they have a shot to make more of a favorable impression on prospects from the state of Louisiana, where they know it is a day-to-day battle to pull kids out of that state. If LSU wins, it’s just another reason to stay home. However, a loss for either team does not devastate their efforts to this point or after. There are too many positives for both programs for that to happen.

The game within the game for this official visit is not the outcome of the game itself -- it is the rest of the 48-hour period that needs to resonate if you are Alabama. If you “wow” in this area, the outcome of the game is minimal in the grand scheme of things. You are selling a program, not an outcome.