Herbert Moore wants to be just a bit less

MEMPHIS -- A few pounds lost for Herbert Moore may win over a few more college recruiters.

The defensive tackle from Memphis East told ESPN he weighed 323 pounds this week. He's been listed as high as 335. If the 6-foot-2 junior prospect can get to his goal weight of 310, he'll likely improve in the two main areas he's determined to -- speed and point of attack.

That could take Moore, who already has scholarship offers from Clemson, North Carolina, Vanderbilt, Purdue, Ole Miss and Illinois, up a notch for college coaches that would like to see his body mature just a bit. Then, the next wave of scholarships will come rolling in.

Moore's ready for that, but he's also pretty happy to have the opportunities he currently has.

“It's like a dream because football has taken me so far, me and my family,” he said. “My family is behind me 100 percent.”

Moore will visit other schools this summer, namely Alabama. His versatility could pay dividends across the nation. Moore may well have the ability to play nose guard in a 3-4 and defensive tackle in a 4-3.

He's also wide open to all suitors. He's not worried about the weather, distance from home or even immediate playing time. He's just looking for the right feel.

“Somewhere where I can be for four years ... like another home away from home,” he said when asked what he's looking for in a school.

In a time when so many prospects point to early playing time as a major factor in their recruitments, Moore is patient and willing to let his body continue to adapt to the college game.

“I look to get experience from the seniors and see what the seniors do,” Moore said. “I don't mind sitting on the bench and seeing how the seniors do it.”

Frankly, he may not need to, if he can play in college like he's played in high school.

“My ability to get off the ball and stay low,” Moore said when asked what were the strengths of his game. “I think I overpower people at times. My weight carries me with smaller defenders sometimes.”

Moore was once a center so he has a feel for what the offense is trying to accomplish. He was moved to defense in middle school.

It's reasonable to think that Moore could follow in the footsteps of former East High School star Dan Williams, who after some body shaping at Tennessee, turned into a standout defensive tackle and is in his third year in the NFL for the Arizona Cardinals.

Moore, however, likes to compare his game to NFL standout Warren Sapp but he's also realistic.

“I wouldn't say his speed but...,” Moore said with a smile when asked about the comparison.

Drop a few more pounds and who knows?