Crowder not the only one

ROCKINGHAM, N.C. -- Tyrone Crowder isn't the only BCS prospect at Rockingham (N.C.) Richmond County.

The rural high school boasts three other legitimate college football prospects, led by Devontae Covington, a defensive end who will likely play outside linebacker in college.

Covington has scholarship offers from Tennessee, South Carolina, Clemson, Wake Forest and East Carolina.

“The quiet storm,” head coach Paul Hoggard said, describing the soft-spoken prospect. “He doesn't say a whole lot. He and I rode to Tennessee together. It's about five or six hours...Devontae slept in the backseat the whole time, but his actions speak on the field.”

Covington said he likes the bigger city atmosphere of Knoxville as compared to Rockingham.

“It would be a huge difference,” he said of moving west. “I'm a country boy.”

He also said he's open to playing either defensive end or outside linebacker.

“Whatever gets the job done,” he said. “It doesn't matter.”

Covington isn't the only Richmond County player with a scholarship offer. Alex Norton has one as well. He received an invite from Air Force last month.

“It was nice,” he said of the offer.

Norton plays center and guard for Richmond County but will likely play center in college.

Norton, 16, is a young junior but already 6-foot-2 and 285 pounds. He won't be 18 until he's a freshman in college.

“His potential is even higher than most people realize,” said Hoggard, who added that Norton could be close to picking up scholarship offers from North Carolina State, Wake Forest and Duke.

Daqwa Nichols has yet to pick up a scholarship offer but that could happen when he visits North Carolina State this weekend, said Hoggard. Nichols, an athlete prospect, plays running back and cornerback in high school. At 5-10 and 180-pounds, he'll probably play cornerback in college.

“Just waiting,” Nichols said when asked when that first offer might come.

Hoggard said Nichols also has strong interest from Duke and Wake Forest. Nichols said he'd most like an offer from North Carolina but he hasn't had much contact with the school.

“Daqwa is really fast,” Hoggard said. “One of the fastest kids since I've been here. He's a hard working young man. He does good in school. He does good on the practice field. He does good on the game field.”