Things going to heat up for Bodkin

Ander Bodkin (Marianna, Fla.) is a name that recruiting fans will be hearing much about over the coming months. Bodkin, 6-foot-6 and 280 pounds, has a chance to be a big-time recruit according to his high school coach Tim Cokely, who has had his share of great ones over the years like Ernie Sims and Constantin Ritzmann.

“Ander will be every bit the prospect that Ernie and Constantin were,” Cokely said. “He just ran 4.9 [40] last weekend. We are going to play him at receiver and tight end in addition to the offensive line.

“He compares to Constantin but he’s bigger and leaner. Ander squats 500 pounds and power cleans 300. He has speed and athleticism. He’s the best prospect that I have been around in a while.”

Bodkin was previously at Tallahassee Lincoln but moved to Marianna when his father got the coaching job. But things changed in the offseason and Cokely took over the program two and a half months ago. Since then Bodkin’s weight went from 303 to 275.

“He’s a tall guy that can bend, move and run,” Cokely said. “Not too many people know about him. I have a feeling things with him are really going to blow up. Last year was kind of a lost cause. Recruiting is starting today with him. Teams are coming by and liking what they see. I know teams like FSU, Alabama and South Carolina are the ones he likes and the teams that like him.”