2013 DB Logan talks recruitment

It's been a banner year for Tallahassee (Fla.) Florida High defensive back Austin Logan. The 6-foot, 180-pound junior has been part of a revived program that will look to finish a complete turnaround from a disappointing 2010 season.

“Everything has been going good, going through the season and playing Madison County for the district championship this week,” Logan said. “They like the pound the ball so I'm going to come downhill and hit. I'm looking forward to it.”

Being in a position to win a district title in a far cry from where Logan and Florida High were a year ago.

“Last year, my sophomore year, I really didn't focus on the weight room as much but now that I've made a bigger impact as a junior I've gotten focused on working harder and I've made major improvements in my lower body,” Logan said. “I'm faster and I've become a harder hitter.

“As a team we didn't accomplish our goals and we wanted to get back on track this year and make positive changes.”

As Logan made positive changes, college scouts began to take notice. A few weeks ago Stanford handed Logan his first offer.

“I don't knew how it all came about really,” Logan said. “Coach [Mike] Bloomgren from Stanford stopped by the school and we had a great conversation.

“I didn't know that an offer was extended until after we won a big district game. Purdue offered the next day.”

And it's no surprise that several other schools have also kept in contact. Vanderbilt and Duke were two that contacted Logan early. Other schools have followed.

“Alabama invited me to the LSU game on Saturday so I'm going to be there,” Logan added.

Logan said that coaches from Miami said they will visit him in the next few weeks. He's also planning to get to South Florida when the Bulls host Miami and possibly attend a game at Florida.

“I'm going to be checking out the atmosphere and see what the colleges have to offer during these unofficial visits,” Logan said. “I'm focused on academics and really finding a situation where I can get involved in the business community once I leave school.

“It's important for me to find that balance.”