Team recruiting capsule: Lincoln 'big 3'

With the start of the season right around the corner several Florida programs will be in the spotlight over the next couple of weeks.

Program: Lincoln Trojans (Tallahassee, Fla.)

Head coach: Yusuf Shakir

2011 record: 9-2 (Loss in 1st round of playoffs)

ESPN 150/300 prospects: Taj Williams (No. 33 WR, No. 217 overall), James Hearns (No. 10 ILB, No. 278 overall), Reggie Davis (No. 47 WR, No. 294 overall)

Top underclassmen: 2014 DB Kendall Randolph (5-11, 175), 2015 OL Tarrick Thomas (6-3, 250)

Spotlight prospect: Williams is the only uncommitted prospect of Lincoln's 'big 3' and there's a good chance the 6-foot-4, 165-pound senior will make a decision before the season begins. South Carolina has been the program most closely linked to Williams, but there are others out there. "I am looking at South Carolina pretty hard," Williams said. "And I really like their staff but I might check out South Florida again and I'm hearing from Alabama a little more, too." Williams seems to prefer playing receiver but in the right situation he could see himself as a defensive back. "I could really do either offense or defense," Williams added. "It just depends on where I can fit best in the program."

Other recruiting news: Hearns, despite missing his junior season with a knee injury, was the first to commit for Lincoln when he chose Florida in late January. It appeared as though Davis and Williams were both ready to follow him to UF, but they backed off and Davis eventually chose Georgia. Shakir is very high on his wide receiver group as a whole and expects seniors Myles Gaines and Jamerson Blount to also sign with FBS programs. Randolph is expected to be one of the top recruited players in the class of 2014 and has already said he is highly interested in Florida State, Florida, Auburn, Georgia and South Florida. Shakir said he expects at least seven seniors to sign with FBS programs in February.