Tenpenny not alone at North Little Rock

Altee Tenpenny is certainly the most well known college football prospect at North (Ark.) Little Rock, but he's not the only one.

Head coach Brad Bolding has a handful of players who could soon be receiving that coveted first scholarship offer. Tenpenny, who is committed to Alabama but still considering several schools, should help his teammates get noticed as college recruiters visit the school this fall.

"Anytime you have a player committed to the national championship team and has received so much national attention, all of our team will benefit," Bolding said. "We have had over 30 players in five years sign to play college football. So we have a very good reputation for college players but this just takes it to another level."

Here are some prospects at North Little Rock that could benefit from the increased exposure:

Juan Day -- Like Tenpenny, the 6-foot-2, 210-pound junior had ankle surgery last year. He has the genes. Day is a cousin of former Arkansas standout tailback Cedric Cobbs.

Cameron Williams -- The 6-2, 245-pound tight end is known for his great hands. An All-Conference performer, Williams has impressive upside, according to Bolding.

Kenny Howard -- A 6-3, 315-pound defensive tackle, Howard was named All-State last year and named All-Conference twice. He squats 500 pounds and power cleans 315. "He has the best feet I’ve seen on a guy his size ever," Bolding said.

Gerald Watson -- Watson, a 6-1, 305-pound defensive tackle, was named All-State and All Conference alst year. He squats 550, power cleans 305 and dead lifts 750.

Bubba Williams -- At 6-1, 300, Williams, who plays defensive tackle, squats 450 and power cleans 295.