Cameron Echols-Luper set to visit A&M

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- Cameron Echols-Luper is what you would call versatile. He’s a dual-threat quarterback at Auburn (Ala.) High School who also serves as the team’s punter. He has even taken turns returning punts during warmups this year.

“My freshman year I was returning punts,” Echols-Luper said. “That what I started at. With me punting, that gives us a threat back there just in case. The versatility is what God blessed me with. It’s going to help me a lot.”

The three-star athlete, who committed to Texas A&M last month, expects to play wide receiver when he gets to College Station.

“I’m very excited because that’s where my heart is,” Echols-Luper said. “I grew up and always wanted to play receiver, so having that opportunity to play there again, I’m really pumped about it.”

Although he now lives in the backyard of Auburn University and his stepfather, Curtis Luper, coaches for the Tigers, Echols-Luper still feels at home when he goes to Texas A&M. He used to live in Ennis, Texas.

“When I went down there, I felt like I was at home,” he said of his last visit to A&M. “Each one of the coaches there, they’re like father figures. When you go to College Station, it reminds me of Auburn. I want to get back home and play. That’s where I feel like is right for me.”

This weekend, Echols-Luper will return to College Station to watch the Aggies take on Florida in their first-ever SEC game. ESPN’s College Gameday will be there, and the A&M commitment anticipates a great game.

“Of course, I’ve got to pull for my team, but I think it’s going to be a hard-fought battle,” he said. “Texas A&M by a touchdown.”