Twin Towers: DEs Jones and Simpson

OXFORD, Ala. -- In 10th grade, one of the Oxford High School coaches started calling Ulric Jones and Trent Simpson the ‘twin towers.’ The nickname stuck. Now the two senior defensive lineman are as close as ever.

“He’s as close to me as my brother with as much time as we spend together,” Simpson said. “I’d lay my life down for him, and I’m sure he feels the same way.”

“I love him,” Jones said. “That’s like my bread and butter out there. If he’s not out there, I don’t feel complete.”

The tandem has already committed to play at Mississippi State together next year, and they hope the nickname sticks when they get to Starkville. Although each one has heard from different schools since committing, they plan to stick to their decision.

“I’m still hearing from some schools, but I’m a firm commitment,” Simpson said. “I love the staff. I love Coach [Geoff] Collins, he’s the guy who recruits this area, and Coach [Dan] Mullen, the whole campus and the way it just makes you feel at home.”

Both Jones and Simpson visited Mississippi State on Saturday to watch the Bulldogs’ win over Auburn. Their teammate at Oxford, 2014 running back Racean Thomas, also made the trip.