DE Williams open to leaving Louisiana

Tim Williams lives just down the road from Tiger Stadium. Yet he still is learning about -- and enjoying -- LSU.

"It's typical bayou," the defensive end from Baton Rouge (La.) University Laboratory said. "I've been to a few LSU games like that. I live right across campus. It was a good game."

Williams was in attendance during LSU's 23-21 win over South Carolina. While the Tigers are nearby, Williams isn't weighing proximity as a factor in his recruitment.

"I didn't grow up a big LSU fan. ... I really didn't know too much about LSU football until last year (when Williams moved to a nearby campus)," he said.

Williams said he hasn't been outside of Louisiana. He'll do so when he travels to Tuscaloosa, Ala., to see the Crimson Tide later this fall.

"I'm pretty strong on leaving the state," Williams said. "I'm pretty strong on staying in the state. It's a toss-up with me."

Williams said he'll visit Texas A&M. He said plans to take all of his official visits to the following schools, which are his finalists: Alabama, LSU, Miami, Florida State and Florida.