Daryl Chestnut enjoying recruiting process

Forgive three-star running back Daryl Chestnut if he wasn’t able to watch much of the Texas Tech-West Virginia game over the weekend. The 5-foot-8, 185-pound senior had a game of his own to prepare for Saturday.

“Yeah, we played Miami Northwestern on Saturday,” Chestnut said. “I had a pretty good game, 134 yards, but we lost 10-7.”

Despite being down from the loss he was able to catch the highlights of the game between two of his top programs and was admittedly impressed with Texas Tech.

“They just dominated from beginning to end and on both sides of the ball,” Chestnut said. “I didn’t think any team could do that to West Virginia’s offense.”

Chestnut said he continues to talk to both programs on a weekly basis. Miami has also stepped up their recruiting efforts recently.

“Coach [Paul] Williams came out to one of my games this month and I’ve been trying to stay in contact with them,” Chestnut said. “It’s the home program so I’m going to stay in contact.”

Chestnut is also hoping to revive a dialogue with the coaches at Florida.

“I am going to reach out to Florida this week and see what they say,” Chestnut said. “There was some conversation earlier but nothing recently. I have been impressed with what they are doing on offense and running the football.”

Right now Chestnut said several programs are reaching out to him as well and trying to make a final push.

“Oklahoma State and Kansas State have both been real warm on me lately,” Chestnut said. “I get a lot of love from Purdue, and Florida International has been coming at me pretty hard recently and that’s nice because they are a hometown school like Miami.”

Chestnut had planned to take an official to Texas next month but might push things back based on his football schedule.

"I'm going to Texas Tech for sure but I think it's going to be after the season though because I have a lot of Saturday games,” Chestnut said. “I could set it up, but as the season goes on you have those games that you know you need to win the district and it’s easier to just wait on the visits.”