DL Derrick Calloway will wait on visits

If three-star defensive tackle Derrick Calloway (Bradenton, Fla./Manatee) could hold up a sign proclaiming his recruiting status he would do it.

“It would probably say ‘I’m still open, new schools may apply,’ ” Calloway joked. “It’s weird that coaches hear that I’m committed or close to committed when that’s not the case.”

Calloway is primarily hearing from three programs right now -- Texas Tech, Louisville and Arkansas. He hasn’t set up official visits yet and probably won’t until after his season.

“The season is going so well right now,” Calloway says. “We’re nationally ranked and looking to get back to the state championship, so I really want to focus more on that than playing on Friday and then racing to the airport and trying to get a feel for a program on a one-day visit.”

The 6-foot-1, 300-pound senior said he keeps abreast of the schools looking at him by watching their games on television. It’s no surprised he was impressed with Texas Tech’s big victory over West Virginia.

“That was crazy, I didn’t think anyone could stop West Virginia like that,” Calloway said. “I have to give it up to that defense, though.”

Calloway said he is staying patient with the understanding that new programs could jump in at anytime given the status of their recruiting boards.

“Any school can come in and take the top spot right now,” Calloway explained. “I’ve heard from Missouri and Arizona in the past week or so, but it’s nothing serious right now. I’m just hanging out there and waiting.”