Coach eval: ESPN 300 ATH Ryan Timmons

Don't try to peg Ryan Timmons into a single position.

Receiver? Yeah, he can do that. Tailback? Yep, that too. That's why he's able to choose between a strong list of finalists: Ohio State, Arkansas, Illinois, Purdue and Kentucky.

Just ask, Chris Tracy, his coach at Frankfort (Ky.) Franklin High School about Timmons' versatility. Here, the coach answers some questions about his star player, also an ESPN 300 athlete prospect.

How would you describe Ryan?

"I can't really (Tracy said with a chuckle). He's pretty incredible to watch. He's somewhere between a receiver and a running back. He can do it all. Whoever ends up with him is going to end up with a great player who is capable of doing a lot of things.

"I think he's a kid that will hopefully end up in the NFL one day just because of his versatility and the things he can do. He makes things look easy. Our ninth game of the year he ran [a kick] back with 14 seconds left [to win the game]. He just made it look pedestrian. It didn't surprise me at all."

What type of offense should be a good fit for Ryan in college?

"I think an offense where he can do a little bit of both [receiver and running back]. He's not a kid that you line up in the backfield and give it to 20 or 25 times a game. He reads the zone blocking very well. We give him a lot of jet sweeps, a lot of screens out of the wide receiver position. We motion him in the backfield and run zone plays out of it."

Would he be a good fit for Ohio State's spread offense?

"He's perfect for what they do. They'd have a kid that they could line up in the slot and match up a linebacker and have him outrun a linebacker. He's also a kid that can line up in the backfield and you can hand the ball of to and to that kind of stuff with. To me, he's perfect for that offense. Any of that spread stuff where they can position him at both places, that's what he's going to be looking for and that's what he's going to be best at."

How has he improved this season?

"This year I think he's done a lot better job running between the tackles as opposed to being outside on the edge all the time."