Berry twins center stage at Ga. Junior Bowl

ATLANTA -- Practice for the Georgia Junior Bowl kicked off Friday, and there was no shortage of top prospects on the West squad, which features two ESPN Watch List wide receivers, an emerging running back and one of the nation’s elite defensive players.

Despite all the talent, the center of attention was a set of twins whose older brother plays in the NFL.

Berry twins look to make their own name

In football, it’s hard not to stand out when you’re twins, but it’s even harder not to stand out when your older brother plays in the NFL. That’s why Evan and Elliot Berry -- the younger brothers of Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry -- have been the center of attention this week at the Rising Seniors program.

“It has been a good experience,” Evan said. “I like all the competition. You usually don’t get that on a day-to-day basis like that.”

The notoriety from their older brother has helped the twins when it comes to recruiting. They already have scholarship offers from the likes of Auburn, Clemson, Florida, LSU, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Although both their older brother and their father played for Tennessee, that doesn’t mean the twins are automatically going to be Volunteers.

“I’m sure somebody expects to go us there, but I don’t really feel any pressure to go to that school just because my dad and my brother went there,” Elliot said.

One thing is certain -- the Berry twins are a package deal.

The two have offers from the same schools. They both visit the same places and attend the same games. So if you get one, you’re getting the other one, too.

“Why not? We’re a package deal,” Evan said. “Instead of getting to know new players, I already know him. He’s my twin.”

“I’m pretty sure college is going to be a difficult adjustment,” Elliot said, "so why not have somebody go through that adjustment with you and help you out."

The duo visited Georgia for a game this fall and also saw Auburn and Clemson play in the Georgia Dome to open the season.

Regardless of whether they decide to follow their older brother to Tennessee or create their own path, Eric -- the former first-round draft pick -- has been helpful through the recruiting process. After all, he’s been through it before.

“He just told us to stay humble, because as you’ve seen this year, there’s a lot of coaching changes,” Evan said. “Don’t get tied into the school, and don’t go to a school because of the coach. Go because of the fans, the atmosphere and the facilities.”

Newsworthy: Eyes on the West Coast

Junior wide receiver Terry Googer already is approaching double-digit offers. He has an offer from Notre Dame, the nation’s No. 1 team, and he recently added another SEC offer, this time from Vanderbilt.

However, when the 6-foot-4, 203-pound playmaker plans his next trip, it likely won’t be to Notre Dame or any school in the SEC. He wants to visit the West Coast and make stops at Oregon, UCLA and USC.

“I want to get away from the East Coast,” Googer said. “It’s just the environment (out West).”

This week at the Georgia Junior Bowl, he and fellow ESPN Watch List wide receiver Demarre Kitt have formed quite a tandem for the West squad. The duo has caught the attention of both their coaches and teammates.

“It’s good, because we get one-on-ones, and I doubt if anybody can stop us one-on-one,” Googer said. “We’re going to get a lot of exposure, and hopefully I show out and get my name out there more.”

Trending: Chubb runs like a man

At the first day of practice, Nick Chubb ran with with a purpose.

“He runs hard,” said Evan Berry. “He earns every yard.”

The 5-foot-11, 205-pound running back recently picked up an offer from Georgia Tech. He already had offers from Ohio State, Purdue and Tennessee, but he’s hoping his performance this week will help his stock take off.

Cartersville High School head coach Frank Barden, who’s working with the West offense this week, thinks Chubb is one of the top prospects there.

“Nick’s probably one of the best skill players out here,” Barden said. “He’s a man running the football, and he’s a great football player -- I’d say one of the top recruits in the country. He’s a great player.”


Lumberjack: LB Juwon Young. Although the first day of practice was non-contact for the most part, Young still got a couple of pretty good licks in, including the hit of the day when he laid out a receiver on a screen play.

Stick-em: WR Demarre Kitt. It didn’t matter where the ball was thrown, Kitt was going to catch it. His best catch of the day came on a post route when he caught the ball one-handed over a defender.

Heisman: RB Nick Chubb. Chubb ran hard all day (see above), but he gave his best Heisman impersonation with a nasty stiff-arm that sent the defender to the ground.

Next level: DE Andrew Williams. It was easy to spot Williams at Friday’s practice. He has the size, the speed and explosiveness. He also took to coaching well, which means he can only get better.