Robert Nkemdiche TweetChat

No. 1 prospect Robert Nkemdiche (Loganville, Ga./Grayson) is one day away from announcing his college decision live on ESPNU at 7:35 a.m ET. Nkemdiche took an official visit to LSU last weekend, after previous officials to Florida and Ole Miss. Nkemdiche says all schools are even. On Monday night, we solicited questions on Twitter using #AskNkemdiche, and the nation's top player answered a bunch of them for us. You can follow him at ‏@Aceboogie_001.

@RebCody: #AskNkemdiche How fun and stressful has the recruiting process been?

Robert Nkemdiche: Everybody knows it has been stressful. Everybody knows. The part that was fun is the fans, going on visits and just experiencing new and different things.

@HillLance #AskNkemdiche Did u walk into Tiger Stadium and with who?

Nkemdiche: I did go and I was with a few friends, Coach Frank (Wilson), Coach (Les) Miles, and Coach (Brick) Haley. It was really fun.

@coachgerald88: What tips did the big diesel "Shaq" give you this weekend? #AskNkemdiche

Nkemdiche: We did not even talk about recruiting. We talked about leadership and he told me to step up and to not be afraid to forge your own path.

@supreme_Warrior: #AskNkemdiche what was your favorite thing about Baton Rouge

Nkemdiche: Just the city itself. I think it is a good city and I really enjoyed being there.

@hobbit0915: #AskNkemdiche What's your favorite thing about Oxford and Ole Miss?

Nkemdiche: Just hanging out with my brother, having a good time with my friends and feeling the love from the community.

@IntenseSpenc28: What was your favorite thing about the Florida visit? #AskNkemdiche

NKemdiche: There are some great coaches in Gainesville. My boy Vernon Hargreaves is there is a great atmosphere at Florida.

@DWayneGreen3: #AskNkemdiche What number will you wear next year at the school you attend?

Nkemdiche: I will be wearing No. 1 and all three schools have told me I can have it.

@engel_sean: #AskNkemdiche Who's your favorite NFL team?

Nkemdiche: The Baltimore Ravens. I was so happy to see them win the Super Bowl because that is my hometown.

@MDTJobs: How does it feel to have so many fans want you at their school? Which school do you feel the love from? #AskNkemdiche

Nkemdiche: As far as love from fans, I have gotten the most from Ole Miss. It is a great feeling for them to show that they want me to be a part of their program.

@GFTribDMediate: I wonder how big of a role family has played in No.1 prospect Robert Nkemdiche's college decision? @RecruitingESPN #AskNkemdiche

Nkemdiche: It plays a lot because that is your family. It plays a big role.

@Joe_1Carter: @RecruitingESPN #AskNkemdiche Any advice you could give someone trying to be in your position?

Nkemdiche: Play fast, physical and with a relentless motor.

@PurpleAndGold: @RecruitingESPN #AskNkemdiche If there was no family tie at Ole Miss, honestly, would they have ever been in this race?

Nkemdiche: The things that Ole Miss has shown me I really like, but I do not know if I would have been able to see those things if my brother had not been there, but I think they would still be up there.

@HeatherWLee: #AskNkemdiche Were you prepared for all this attention, or has it totally taken you by storm?

Nkemdiche: I was somewhat prepared, but I did not know it would be like this. I feel like with the hands of God, he has given me the tools to succeed.

@Snabo_18: After ur LSU visit, is your decision more even between them and OM or are u still leaning toward playing with your bro? #AskNkemdiche

Nkemdiche: All schools are even right now.

@Will_Baird83: Do you have your mind made up yet where you will be playing ball this season? #AskNkemdiche

Nkemdiche: I am close to being ready and I should have my decision made by Tuesday night.

@Joe_1Carter: #AskNkemdiche How hard was this decision you have to make?

Nkemdiche: It has been difficult because you build up such great relationships with all of these different players. But in the end, you have to do what you have to do.