Wilbon likes what one school has to offer

Chicago De La Salle running back Mikale Wilbon was careful not to name a leader, but he said one team sticks out as having the best résumé among his double-digit offers.

“Everybody is the same but as far as résumés and what schools have to offer, probably Vanderbilt is the best because it's ranked in the Top 25 in education, football and recruiting and that’s the only school,” Wilbon said of his 11 offers. “Vanderbilt is looking good right now, but they’re not leading, though.”

Arizona, Arizona State, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Mississippi State and Purdue are Wilbon’s other offers.

Georgia Tech was one of the more recent offers, as the Yellow Jackets sent out several scholarships in Chicago recently. Although the program is halfway across the country, the offer intrigues Wilbon because of the success Paul Johnson has had running the triple option in Atlanta.

“That was a decent offer because they beat USC in the bowl game and all they do is run,” Wilbon said. “They said I’d be like a scat back. I don’t know which one that is [in the formation] but they told me I’d get the ball a lot in all different ways.”

Wilbon guesses his next visits will go to Iowa and Vanderbilt for spring practices. Wilbon has visited both schools before.

“I like how [Iowa] runs the ball in a pro-style offense,” Wilbon said. “They give the ball to the running back a good piece of the time. They have a good fanbase and I want to look at the program more to see what they have to offer.”

One program Wilbon is hoping to land an offer from is Florida State. The Seminoles recently added Tim Brewster to the coaching staff, and he was recruiting Wilbon while at Mississippi State. One of the first calls Brewster made after switching jobs was to Wilbon.

“I talked to him last week and he said he likes me but he just has to talk to Coach [Jimbo] Fisher so I can get that offer,” Wilbon said.