Watch List WR Thompson could surprise

Wide receiver Trevion Thompson isn't ready to narrow his list. Tom Hauck for Student Sports

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Recently adding offers from Louisville and West Virginia, ESPN Watch List wide receiver Trevion Thompson (Durham, N.C./Hillside) is now up to 18 offers and does not bat an eye when asked about his favorites.

"It's still at a point where I can enjoy the process before I have to narrow down or make my decision on where I want to go," Thompson said.

"I haven't been able to look into it like I wanted to see if I wanted to go into a career besides football, if they would have my major."

Planning to enroll in a pre-med program, Thompson would like to research the academic programs for each of the offering schools. Another aspect is the type of relationship he can establish with the coaches.

"I have a great relationship with a lot of coaches. North Carolina has really been great. Since I've had we've had the West Virginia offer, they've really been on the ball. Florida has been great here and there, and Ohio State and Clemson have been to some of my basketball practices, but [North] Carolina has really been standing out."

Thompson and his Hillside teammates are visiting Notre Dame for a 7-on-7 over the summer followed by trips to Ohio State, Clemson, and Florida.

"We might make some trips to South Carolina and Virginia Tech. I went to Alabama and Georgia last year, so we saw what those were like."

When asked for a timetable for when he would like to focus on a decision, Thompson reiterated that he he is just enjoying things the way a teenager should, but added that his announcement could come as a surprise.

"When it is time to make a decision, I'll know what school is a good fit for me and I'll just come out with it."