Sherit likes what he's learning about OU

You’ll have to forgive defensive end Jordan Sherit (Tampa, Fla./Hillsborough) if he's not too familiar with Oklahoma. Until the last recruiting cycle, the Sooners weren’t exactly hitting up the Sunshine State to try to find talent. But the OU coaches are now.

OU signed four high school products from Florida for its 2012 class and already has offered several 2013 prospects from the state.

Sherit, 6-foot-3, 230 pounds and on the ESPNU Watch List, didn’t know too much about the program, but he likes what he is learning through his research and conversations with OU defensive ends coach Bobby Jack Wright.

“I feel right now I can talk to Coach Wright about anything,” Sherit said. “My relationship with him is great, and we talk all the time.”

With the considerable distance from Tampa to Norman, Okla., Sherit has ruled out attending OU’s Red-White spring game on April 14 but said he plans to make an official visit in the fall.

Sherit said he has learned more about OU from television more than anything else in the last year, citing the 30 for 30 special on Marcus Dupree and ESPN’s all-access with the Sooners before the 2011 season as two things that have caught his attention.

“Seeing that story about Marcus, and you see they were winning games then and winning games now. They have that type of prestige," Sherit said. "They win national championships and have tons of all-Americans."

And produce players in the NFL. Once Sherit found out OU was interested, he started doing his own research. It only made the Sooners look better when he saw the success of their players at the next level.

Wright let the Tampa Hillsborough coaches know he wanted to speak with Sherit on a Friday. Sherit called Wright later that day and was offered, saying it made his weekend a lot more fun.

Sherit had offers from Auburn and South Carolina before the Sooners, but OU opened the door for even more programs to come in. Notre Dame and Stanford have entered the mix, and Sherit said he is interested in both schools.

“I’m not going to make a commitment until I’ve seen all the schools I’m interested in,” Sherit said. “That will mean a lot of traveling so it’s going to take some time. I’m not interested as much in the wins and losses as I am the relationship I have with the coaches and how I feel on the campus.”

Listed at 230 pounds, Sherit said he weighs 245 now. His strength, he said, is his versatility.

“I know how to attack linemen," he said. "There are some where I can overpower them with my strength. And then with others that are a lot bigger, I can use my speed and get around them."