June Jones to ASU would excite recruits

It hasn’t become official yet, but two of the top receivers in Southern California are already excited about the opportunity to play at Arizona State if SMU coach June Jones, as expected, is hired.

Richard Smith (Long Beach Poly, Calif.) committed early to Arizona State and has waited patiently to see who his new head coach would be. When you’re a receiver and have the opportunity to play in a pass happy offense, obviously Smith was excited.

“Man, if it’s Jones, that would be awesome,” Smith said. “I’ve heard a lot about him and, all I can think of is I’m going to catch a lot of balls in that offense. I know he loves to air it out and go four wides a lot so I think it’s a great hire and I can’t wait to play for him.

“I’m still interested in UCLA too and I’m curious who they’re going to hire. These schools have always been my top two so I want to play the process out a bit. ASU did good though and I’m excited.”

Chris Harper (Encino, Calif./Crespi) just visited SMU last weekend and committed to the Mustangs while on campus. When news broke that Jones to ASU was looking like a done deal, Harper had no problems showing where his loyalty lied.

“Looks like I’m going to ASU now,” Harper said. “I love coach Jones and I want to follow him wherever he goes. I just hope there’s room because I know ASU has a lot of commitments already but as of now, I’m ASU all the way.”

It will be interesting to see how Jones and the administration handle the current Sun Devil commitments.

Some schools allow the coach to keep who he wants and others are more adamant about honoring the commitments regardless. ASU currently has close to 25 players committed and when you throw in several SMU targets are going to want to follow Jones to Tempe, it could make for some very tough decisions.