Pac-12 recruiting mailbag

Friday means a trip to the mailbag to answer questions you've e-mailed or tweeted about the Pac-12 recruiting. The Pac-12 recruiting mailbag will run every Friday, so send in your questions to Erik McKinney, via e-mail or @EMcKinneyESPN.

@SoCalSunDevil: What really is the key to keeping top in-state talent for #ASU...consistent winning or what?

Winning is always the best way to keep recruits interested, but simply showing a genuine interest in the local recruits is a close No. 2. High school coaches talk about what a statement it makes when the local college coaches come out to practices even when there aren't any recruits they are interested in offering. Building those kinds of relationships can pay off in a big way, and the new staff at Arizona State is doing that.

The Sun Devils are trying to make an impact in Louisiana and Texas, and there can be a fine line between recruiting nationally and ignoring the local recruits, but it appears that Todd Graham’s staff is doing a good job walking it so far.

@strat_nick: How does USC still trick good recruits into going there?

Obviously a loaded question, but I’ll tackle it anyway.

USC is USC. That’s something we hear often from recruits and there’s a reason they say it. Pete Carroll gets plenty of credit for turning the program around when he took over in 2001, but look at some of the players on the roster for that season: Carson Palmer, Matt Cassel, Matt Leinart, Lonnie Ford, Kris Richard, Troy Polamalu, Jacob Rogers, Shaun Cody, Kenechi Udeze and Mike Patterson. There is always going to be talent at USC, and it’s one of the few programs that is only ever one year away from turning things around.

Right now there are plenty of recruits who are a little apprehensive about the Trojans -- specifically questions surrounding coach Lane Kiffin’s future there -- but while those questions began late last year and very much affected the finish to the 2013 recruiting class, the expectation among recruits is that there will be some solid answers before signing day, which could lead to another big finish for USC.

@PoweredbyBMW: Did the recruiting rules change starting 9.1.13? Or did they shelve all or some of the NCAA proposals??

All of the NCAA proposals that caused the initial outrage were suspended. That includes texting, unlimited coach contact and unlimited printed recruiting materials.

There is a chance that the NCAA could revisit all of those topics later, but it’s likely that the NCAA has a few issues more pressing than recruiting to tackle at this time.