Steven Moore will stay close to home

Steven Moore (Elk Grove, Calif.) took an official visit to Cal over the weekend and on Wednesday, the talented tackle prospect decided to be a Bear.

Moore also took official visits to Boise State, UCLA and Colorado and narrowed his choices to the Bears and Boise State.

“I’m a Bear,” Moore said. “I just committed about 10 minutes ago. I really felt good about Cal on my visit and then I’ve been thinking a lot about it the last few days and it just felt like the best place for me. Cal has a great combination of academics and athletics and I have a very good relationship with Coach Michalczik, the offensive line coach.

“I really like Coach Tedford a lot, too, and the distance from home played a role. Cal is only an hour and a half away so my friends and family can see me anytime and even come to practices. They need tackles at Cal as well so it was just the best all around fit.”

Moore said he narrowed his list to Cal, Boise State and UCLA heading in to his recent visit to Berkeley and it was a dead even race.

“Those three were all equal but the visit put Cal over the top,” Moore said. “It hurt UCLA a little that when I visited, it was with the old staff and I never did speak with the new line coach. Boise State was awesome and I really love that program but I liked the academics at Cal. Like I said, all around, it was just too much to pass up.”